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Residential and commercial tree service near Poquoson, VA

Tree removal, pruning, planting, and maintenance services

Poquoson Tree Service is known for being the top-rated and most respected Tree Pruning & Tree Removal Company in Yorktown, Virginia. We also offer a variety of tree services for business' and commercial contractors. Whenever a tree needs to be removed, Poquoson Tree Service has you covered. We love working with contractors & builders. We will clear a lot and have you ready to build!

Residential tree service
near Poquoson, VA

Commercial tree service
near Poquoson, VA

Firewood delivery
near Poquoson, VA

Emergency tree removal
near Poquoson, VA

Snow removal services
near Poquoson, VA

Tree service for your home.
Our tree service company offers tree removal, tree pruning and tree maintenance for your home!

Residential Tree Service Company

Poquoson Tree Service is competitive, professional, courteous, and efficient, and is flexible when working with our customers and their schedules. Once we serve a customer, we intend on keeping them. We always leave behind happy customers and get many word-of-mouth referrals. Our customers do not have to pick up so much as a stick after we're done. We are the best tree service company in Virginia.

Firewood Cord Preseason Sale

Firewood sales and delivery

Poquoson Tree Service offers quality firewood for sale year-round. Buy our seasoned firewood early for the best pricing and availability. We will deliver firewood right to your home, business or campground. Don't worry about stinky wood being sold here, we have all the quality firewood such as oak, pecan, maple, hickory and more!

Tree services for your business.
Real estate, property management, and general contractors trust us to provide quality tree and landscaping services year-round.

Commercial Tree Services

Are you a general contractor in need of land clearing services? We remove those trees, roots, stumps and debris so you can be ready for development or planting. We also offer tree and hedge planting and transplanting, so if you are looking for some new trees for your property or need to relocate trees and plants, call Poquoson Tree Service for your free estimate and consultation.

Landscaping, Planting & Lawn Care

Landscaping, Planting & Lawn Care

Looking for lawn care and landscaping throughout York County, Virginia? We offer fall and spring clean-ups and weekly maintenance of your lawn. We will also fertilize your lawn and take action against weeds and insects to keep it green, lush, and well-maintained. From shrub trimming and pruning as well as flowerbed edging. We ensure that your lawn is healthy, and looking its best at all times.

Schedule snow shoveling services.
We will shovel your sidewalks and driveways this winter!

Snow Shoveling Service in Virginia

Poquoson tree service has you covered this winter. Stay warm and dry as our professional teams keep your sidewalks, patios, decks and driveways clear of snow and ice this snow season. Give us a call to discuss routine scheduling for snow clearing services. Call us to discuss a snow removal plan. Don't worry about shoveling that heavy snow again! Keep your family safe with our snow removal services.

Poquoson Tree Service

Poquoson Tree Service Company

The process starts with your call to us, giving us all the pertinent information about your emergency or non-emergency tree service. Then, we will have our local Tree Service Contractor call you, usually within 10 to 15 minutes. The contractor will arrange a time to meet with you, assess your tree situation, and give you a price and a time-line as to when the project can be completed.

Commercial and Residential Tree Services in Poquoson, Virginia

Bush & Tree Pruning Pruning and maintenance services of trees, bushes & hedges...
Tree Topping Services to remove tree tops and/or tree branches...
Tree & Bush Removal Remove unsightly trees, remove infected trees, remove harmful trees...
Tree Stump Grinding Tree stump removal service. Grind tree stumps...
Land Clearing Service Remove trees, roots, stumps, debris, to plan for development or planting...
Planting or Relocate Plant trees, plant bushes, or choose full landscaping services...
Tree Chipping Fast chippping or trees, logs, branches and tree debris...
Tree Fertilization Fertilize trees, bushes, and other plants professionally ensuring they grow...
Lawn Services Lawn mowing, lawn edging, fertilizing, weed whacking & removal...
Debris Clean Up Clean up of tree debris, branches, leaves, and tree storm damage clean up...
Chimney Clearance Tree services provide proper clearance from chimneys and houses...
Tree Support / Brace Tree services to support, cable and brace trees to assist in rooting, safety...